Break Bread

Bon voilà! Klub Sandwich is 3 slices of bread, some turkey, cheese, salad, tomatoes and a smooth, calorific mayonnaise. Disiz, Grems, Simbad and Son Of Kick is the musical translation. House, Deep House, Dubstep, Hip Hop – the melding sauce dripping down on your feet…

Tony Truand is an independent film director from France producing music videos for various artists such as Grems, Disiz, DJ Rafik and Foreign Beggars, while also creating very original video compositions for his own artistic projects.

The synchronizations between sound and image are always intimate in his videos, cut with great precision, which intensifies the total experience prolifically. Short – Tony creates tight pieces of audiovisual art.

Check out the rest of Tony Truand’scatalogue, and don’t miss his excellent short films.

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