Bombing With Guns

Above: Bombing With Guns (teaser) by TagsAndThrows

Sthlm-based TagsAndThrows is a platform dedicated to documenting the most notorious bombers active in scene, providing a guided tour of the basic ABC’s of the hooded-subculture – known as bombing. The blog includes an elaborate gallery full of contemporary graffiti-noir photography and exhibits a massive collection of black-and-white images of tags and throw-ups captured in multiple cities of the world. With already 16 000 followers on Instagram, this initiative is by all means the numero uno bombing connoisseur.

Last year, they released ‘Daytime bombing with HNR’, a short-doc which – for the first time- revealed an honest and untold chapter in the aspects of the AR15 pistol culture. The film provided an up-close portrayal of the Swedish-bomber HNR as he bombed the streets of Sthlm whilst putting his story into the limelight, from a bomber’s perspective. The reception of the film has been positive, viewed by ca 25 000 and counting, and praised by tag-aficionados worldwide, as well as fans unfamiliar with the scene.

And so the monochrome saga continues, in their latest edition ‘Bombing With Guns’- we meet Guns – one of America’s most active graffiti bombers – as he bombs the streets of New York and Puerto Rico. All shot during the winter of 2012-2013 in both cities, the result? A 10-minute short-doc exhibiting a rebellion at heart,  TagsAndThrows told us:

– Guns’s is a dedicated bomber, and dedication is the key ingredient to being a good bomber. I got in touch with him via Instagram and we hooked up at a coffee shop in Brooklyn. I presented the idea of making a film for/about him, he digged ‘Daytime bombing with HNR’ and was instantly stoked about the idea and down with making it happen. And so it began, we took to the streets of NYC and started shooting, after that we headed towards Puerto Rico to capture more material. – Bombing With Guns (full-length version) 2013

TagsAndThrows focuses on capturing the bombing scene of the world today by showcasing one artist at a time, and so far they’ve portrayed the art of several bombers and documented the bombing scene in – Stockholm, Malmoe, Gothenburg, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Berlin and New York. There’s more to come, more cities to add to the bombing map, no doubt.

– The idea is to travel around the world and document bombing culture. We were only just recently invited, by one of Brazil’s notorious bomber’s, to Sao Paulo, to shoot a short-doc about a bombing crew over there, so we’re stoked and excited about that. Otherwise, we’re eager to take off towards Copenhagen, Milan, Prague and Paris,  during this spring and summer. In all truthfulness, TagsAndThrows are needed for their cause of immortalising tags, preserving what your local pro-consumerist government demands to conceal. We support their mission and anticipate a complete ‘around-the-world’ edition in the future. On that note, we give you ‘Bombing with Guns’ by TagsAndThrows.


Bombing with Guns 2013

Film by: TagsAndThrows
Featuring: Guns

Music by: Smutskatt

Graphics by: Pete Porch

For more on TagsAndThrows, visit: // Facebook // @TagsAndThrows // #WeLoveBombing //


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