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Afghanistan is no stranger to the terrors that war has brung. Amongst the war, there is hope for children even when tragedystrikes. Skateboarding has given hope to the youth and predominantly young females in the Arab state of Kabul. Skateistan a non profit organisation uses the power of skateboarding to empower the youth, giving them a voice, a platform for creativity and progression, the values of respect and equality, and most of all – the importance of humanity.

The program in Kabul has given the youth the power to enjoy life and strive for their dreams, embracing what most of us take advantage of daily- being able to drift away and smile and laugh again amongst the war that is happening. This is some insight into the growth of the project in Kabul.


Afghanistan’s Girl Skaters – Kabul 2012

Credits: Skateistan! By: Nathaniel M Cunningham //Vimeo Directed by: Lara Lee Featuring the Skateistan founder: Oliver Percovich// @ollieinkabu// @skateistan

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