Blackman presents: Nanjira’s “Walking” on The Nairobi Sessions


Award-winning Kenyan producer David “Blackman” Muthami is taking his ear and his guitar to put some of Nairobi’s best known artists as well as new and emerging talents on display. That’s what “The Nairobi Sessions” is gunning for in bringing videos to some of the voices and talents behind the mic. Nanjira, a Kenyan social media prodigy and recording artist, sang her latest single “Walking” to Blackman’s guitar recently. Nairobi’s seen a renaissance of technology and culture and Nanjira’s at the intersection of that with her social media work and persona. Blackman sets it up and let’s Nanjira take it away to what’s not only an ode to the action of walking and movement but hopefully a metaphor for the city and the continent at large.

Nanjira – Walking (Live on the Nairobi Sessions)

Featuring: David “Blackman” Muthami & Nanjira for ‘The Nairobi Sessions’

For more Nairobi Sessions check out the YouTube channel: blackmankenya


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