Banksy X 3

Banksy is beyond well-known, even outside street art circles – and has been so for ages now. In other words: a post on the urban crusader is long overdue. Here’s a little somethin’ on the elusive and hooded street artist from Bristol, whose voice we only hear morphed, starting with a pretty recent tribute collage from 2011 by Trog Records featuring his work as it is commented by fans in a chilly Bristol. The second clip is curious on a social basis, as it is the City of Bristol’s own and official way of saying to tourists “come visit!“a podcast produced by The Pod Factory. How’s that for embracing the local urban graffiti scene! To finish off, as if you need a reminder of Banksy’s creative and logistic resources, a flickering cavalcade of his signature pieces worldwide. By Miika Warsell, or; pictures courtesy of

For fresh updates visit, but don’t follow him on facebook or twitter because, he says, he’s not on there.

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