Baby On Board


I was loving this video, till I suddenly got reminded of the creepy CG Baby that the character of Ally McBeal (American sitcom character from the late 90’s) used to hallucinate about.
Well, I’ll just have to put that little memory back into the closet with all those other memories of things one wants to suppress.

In that ever so cynical terrain of modern advertising, LEGS Media pretty much knocked this one out of the ball park – a fun loving ad, that gets you each time. Probably a combination of great editing, with a new cover of a great track; ‘Wordy Rappinghood’- by Paris-based artist Uffie. From the looks of if- water drinkers the world over are lapping up this campaign with more than 180,000 likes on their site. Damn the power of advertising…


Evian ‘Baby Inside’

Directed by: Georgie Greville and Geremy Jasper

Legs Media//

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