Baba Stiltz : A Tribute To The Godfather

At the age of eight- he got a 4 channel porta and started making songs to ventilate his emotional respiratory distress, because he was ”kind of a special kid”. At the age of twelve, he made music about hedonistic hunger. The same year, godfather Daniel Savio, introduced him to skweee: This now 17 year-old has always been ahead of his time.

Nowadays Baba Stiltz is the king of his castle, making magic happen in The Flogsta Danshall studio, moderating the tumblr blog 118stockholm, and party in Norway with skweee label Dødpop. And his name is on everyone’s lips. When Baba released the video “sEXYdANIel“, culture mobsters everywhere, raised their glasses. The video was shot over one night, and is ,according to Baba, supposed to-  “-mirror the kind of strange brotherly love that exists in the skweee scene, because we’re mostly guys-”. He claims that he just tries to just let himself be free aesthetically, that could be the reason whey the main pitch for the video was conceived at the subway: “-I was like, what the fuck am I supposed to do with this fucking video? Maybe I should strip, I’m stripping! This will be my tribute to Daniel Savio!-” Baba epitomized when asked about the video.

There you have it boys and girls: An almost naked Baba, with a tribute to the godfather. You sure don’t wanna miss that. But, Baba makes acoustic music also, under the name Bethlehem Beard Corporation. It’s been said of Baba, that having this much talent at such a young age shouldn’t be legal, and we definitely see the point. Yet, we’re proud to prove that “super kids” don’t end with Justin Bieber and the United States of whatever. This is the video for “I’ve learned all I could“, shot by SVT and PSL in May 2009. Can’t you just feel your heart melt?

When I met him in the studio, he served coffee and some beats in the making. With the release of two albums this year, ”I hate my village” and ”Ghettodrömmar” (a co-op with Marcus Price), he seems pretty calm and confident. But then again, when you’ve been having the eyes of the whole world on you since cradle, this cant be a biggie. If you ask Baba, he will say that he “-just does what he does best“-, and that’s the end of that.

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