Azonto taken underground


Ghanaian dance Azonto –  is slowly but surely arriving in streets and clubs in the Western hemisphere. It’s an indication that artistic influence is not only directed from the West to Africa. The use of social media enables youth all around the world to exchange ideas about music, dance, art. This opens the door for mutual influence.

The Azonto dance is an exceptional example for this. Ghanaian rapper Looney the TKR wasn’t quite right when he proclaimed the ‘Death of Azonto (D.O.A)’ in July. Many Azonto dance videos on the Internet, as well as media reports, also by Stocktown – kept the Azonto craze alive and increased the attention in other countries. Fuse ODG has recently created an Azonto dance competition for his song ‘Antenna’.

People all over the world can submit their Azonto dance video for the track, and so far the video by HomeBros seems to be the most eccentric one. They take the dance into the subway where they entertain surprised passengers with their exceptional Azonto dance steps. You rarely get (free) first-row-seats for such a high class dance show. This video clearly shows Azonto is invading spaces.




Fuse Odg //Myspace//Facebook//@FuseODG
Prod. by Killbeatz @Killbeatz
Song co-produced by Arjun Haze @ArjunHaze of ODG Music//@ODG_Music/@Kurtyswift/@Unkle_TC
Looney the TKR//Facebook//@ooneegh/@crymerecords


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