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C’est la vie

Music August 29 2013

Describing the video for Alex Lomami‘s song ‘CLV‘ (C’est la vie) as brilliant would be an understatement. After the previous released video (‘Kinshasa CHLLNGR Remix‘) which received a lot of praise in the blogsphere for its creativity, this video will definitely be part of the Top 10 Music Videos coming from Africa in 2013. Directed by...Continue

Sushi Dance via iSbhujwa

Dance January 7 2013

  While Kuduro dancers have started performing in the USA and Ghanaian Azonto is still busy spreading on a global scale, there is another dance culture from the African continent which has proven something Kuduro and Azonto still need to show: Consistency. Born in the streets of Soweto, iSbhujwa has incorporated elements from the Pantsula dance but it developed a...Continue

Azonto taken underground

Dance September 12 2012

  Ghanaian dance Azonto –  is slowly but surely arriving in streets and clubs in the Western hemisphere. It’s an indication that artistic influence is not only directed from the West to Africa. The use of social media enables youth all around the world to exchange ideas about music, dance, art. This opens the door for mutual influence. The Azonto dance is an...Continue