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Dance December 21 2014

Meet Vikram, a 15-year-old aspiring b-boy in Mumbai who dreams of becoming a b-boy star. Follow him as he secretly joins an underground bboy-crew and sneaks out from his parents under the pretext of buying milk. Guardian News & Media Ltd recently made this mini-doc ‘The SlumGods of Mumbai: hope, hip-hop and the Dharavi way’ covering the emerging b-boying scene in...Continue

Let there be light: by Senay Berhe

Art November 5 2014

In the brightness of a breaking dawn, a deserted, mute and stripped down Stockholm reveals it’s true colours in it’s serene empty state – free of pedestrians and noise. Brace yourself as morning breaks in our hometown – coz nothing beats Stockholm on an early morning. This video is a must-see. In ‘Vår Nivå’ (ie. ‘Our Level’) by H.M.S.V (ft....Continue


Music June 10 2014

If there’s a director Swedish rappers wish to co-work with, the person listed at the very top of the list would be Senay Berhe. With previous productions such as ‘Blått blod’ (= Blue blood) and Ison & Fille’s video for ‘Vår Sida Av Stan’, not to mention a trained eye for capturing slow-mo shots magically – Senay’s work is tailored for hip hop videos....Continue

Stocktown x Beat & Prose Magazine: Artist Search

Art April 28 2014

Stocktown & Beat & Prose Mag are now calling artists to share their work and win a chance to be featured on a 4 page spread in the next issue of the Beat & Prose Mag. This call for submissions is directed at artists globally who feel the urge to fight through the challenges of our time – a time of superficial ideas, people and practices and push forward and...Continue


Music April 14 2014

‘Finding Yourself’ is an awesome short which leaves us spellbound and follows three legendary dancers – Damon Frost, Daniel E “Future” Kelley and Chris “Shake” Mathis as they share their mutual passion for dance. All shot on a sunny day in the very heart of NYC last year straight from Central Park by Sthlm-based Maceo Frost – this piece...Continue

INDIE CITIES – Celebrating independent stores and craftspeople worldwide

Docs March 10 2014

Indie Cities is a new multi-platform series documenting the independence revolution sweeping Europe. The show delivers personal portraits of unconventional trendsetters from the worlds of art, music, food & fashion, living in Europe’s most progressive cities.Viewers are taken on a journey through each city’s subculture, visiting independent fashion labels,...Continue

The Busy Twist bring the UK-Ghana formula

Music January 27 2014

If any musical act was to be crowned ‘champion of music collabs’ or better yet ‘the sound of 2014’ the title would hands down go to London-duo Gabriel Benn and Ollie Williams of The Busy Twist. Selected as one of the ‘9 Artists to Watch in 2014’ in Enchufada magazine –  this duo has no doubt earned their spot in the list by crafting a sound you wouldn’t...Continue