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As Bald As Krump

Dance June 17 2015

We all know how bald krumping is; it’s the most uncompromising contemporary dance around these days. It is so bald and compromise-free it makes a spoiled three-year-old seem meek. And that’s saying something because some three-year-olds seem like a contraceptive commercial for how stubborn and uncompromising they are. Pardon my digression. Krumping sure is fierce and...Continue

Balkan Grandma Brankica A Daredevil On Wheels

Art May 7 2015

The force of nature upon us is overwhelming. And little gives mankind more joy than taming nature’s ways and showcasing some common know-how against it. This explains the thrill of the daredevil act in a nutshell. Though daredevils are remnants of the past, and a rare gimmick today, the exotic lives on right around the corner, just outside the EU border, in Serbia....Continue

Micahtron: Bringing Sexy Back to the Queer Rap

Music March 20 2015

Bay Area produces yet another brilliant hiphop artist. Micahtron is Tramicah Dempsey, born and raised in San Francisco, coming straight at us with her mad skills. Lyrics wise and attitude wise, Micahtron reminds of Lil Kim, so it is no surprise the two shared a stage, with Micahtron being the opening act. Soundwise she’s employing a bas rich electronic sound moving along the...Continue

Home is where the Peace of Mind is

Art March 5 2015

“Home is a refuge from the storm” – a place where everything is going to be alright” Living in a cabin in the woods on your own must be the ultimate dream for anyone who’s ever found herself sick and tired of the rough-and-tumble of living in a city. Put aside the plethora of cultural activities, the job selection, a large dating pool and more choice to everything,...Continue

Grab Your Dancing Shoes, and your Mother, Too

Dance February 19 2015

While the phrase ‘it’s never too late’ has a different weight to an 18-year-old, as opposed to an 80-year-old – let’s agree on one thing – that things can hopefully always occur later than sooner, so in that sense, it never is too late. Patrick Hanna started dancing at the end of high school, inspired by a tortilla chip. Did you know that there are countless...Continue

Putting female streetart imagery on the map: introducing Pekmezmed

Animation December 7 2014

Meet Pekmezmed, a versatile street artist from Croatia in this exclusive interview she gave for Stocktown. Street art in Croatia gains leverage in the past few years, thanks to the few, but bald and doughty street artists who do not flinch at hardships a young street artist faces in Croatia. Artists such as Pekmezmed, Oko, Lonac, Dunja Jankovic, Tifani Rubi, collective Pimp My...Continue

Self-made Balkan babe is at it again – Gnučči for president!

Music November 8 2014

Swedish rapper Ana Rab, Gnučči, formerly known as Gnučči Banana, has just released the video for her song ‘A.Rab‘, of the EP Psychohappy. The video and song is a deluxe treat for culture vultures who don’t mind a strong persona showing them how it’s done when it’s non-apologetic. So badass. So juicy. There’s no such thing as indiscretion with Gnučči...Continue