The Swedish Souluminati are Taking Over


To non-Swedes, Swedish soul might sound like a contradiction in terms, but you are WRONG. There’s so much unbelievably soulful music coming out from Sweden, that Stockholm might change names into ‘The Scandinavian Soulsville’ if this continues.

Exhibit A:

Headshake” Saturday, Monday ft (amazing vocalist) Julia Spada. I’m absolutely in love with it and I can’t stop singing the chorus. Also check out “Pay Off” with Julia Spada’s band O’Spada and the 35bag remix of “Time“. Video directed by:Emile Rafael//Vimeo//@emilerafaelAlso visit O’Spada on Facebook and Twitter @ospada//@JuliaSpada  + Saturday, Monday on Facebook

Exhibit B:

Kristin Amparo and her afro latin soul band Combo de la Musica, Yukimi Nagano (of Little Dragon) Aleks, Seinabo Sey, Melo, Sabina Ddumba and Veronica Maggio, are just some of the amazing voices coming from Sweden. After headshaking with Saturday Monday and Julia Spada, two  suggested stops on your Swedish soul odyssey are Little Dragon’s ”Sunshine” video and this  Spotify gem:  Combo de la Musica – Why

Exhibit C:

Renowned radio host Ametist Azordegan and Stockholm’s legendary jazz club Fasching are hosting a Swedish soul concert series called Keys during the fall, starring many of the vocalists mentioned above. (Read more here…)

Exhibit D:

A network called Souluminati has recently been created to join all the soulful forces of Stockholm into a giant soul beam that will melt our hearts. On September 8 they launched their public activities with the slogan: ”Bronx 1988- Kingston 1950 and Cap verde 1990……The centre of Medborgarplatsen [Citizen’s square, Stockholm] 2012.


I rest my case.

Check it out and enjoy!