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The Chilean Kings of the Keyboard: Midiset

Music February 24 2015

‘Reyes’ is a promotional single from the self-titled EP by a Chilean electronic band “Midiset“. The music video depicts and celebrates the ancient town of Santiago City in Chile, including neighborhoods of the municipality of Santiago Centro and some neighborhoods in the periphery. This video is an ode to the streets, the architecture, the people working in it...Continue

City of Roars

Music August 23 2013

  Daniel Klauser is a DJ/producer from the Chilean label Diamante Records. He has participated in the most prestigious festivals performing with figures such as Diplo, Mad Professor and A Guy Called Gerald. Klauser is considered one of the most prominent figures of dance music in South America and proves it by surprising us with this debut video. The video for...Continue

Presenting: Nerven & Zellen the Visual Lyricists

Dance June 12 2013

  Meet Nerven & Zellen – an all-female group of actresses and dancers from Santiago, Chile, who perform and host various interventions in different public and private spaces across the capital city. The group started off a few years ago by translating national and international songs into Chilean Sign Language (LSCh) and have since then created a slew of...Continue