The Chilean Kings of the Keyboard: Midiset

‘Reyes’ is a promotional single from the self-titled EP by a Chilean electronic band “Midiset“. The music video depicts and celebrates the ancient town of Santiago City in Chile, including neighborhoods of the municipality of Santiago Centro and some neighborhoods in the periphery.

This video is an ode to the streets, the architecture, the people working in it and all the people who roam this part of the city. Santiago is a city displaced, abandoned and in constant threat of destruction and restitution from large real estate development projects, which are erected with almost no regulation in Santiago Centro (Chile).

Screenshot: Reyes (2015), Midishot
Screenshot: Reyes (2014), Midishot

Directed and produced by Felipe Cifra S., ‘Reyes’ is a work shot entirely by night, with an aesthetic and a style of a documentary. The video shows the usual day life of a group of friends (the band itself, Midiset) who transit and occupy these spaces of the underrated Santiago city, where many found their inspiration and stage to perform their concerns.

The typical characters of the Santiago’s nightlife are those who feed, give life and meaning to this story, who, like the band, love what they do. Midiset reinvents a sound through synthesizers and drum machines, delivering it as a soundtrack to Santiago, a city in constant transformation, where some neighborhoods preserve their architecture, while others lose their facade completely.

Photo by: Cristian Muñoz Darlic, Mathew Grange Ishida
Photo by: Cristian Muñoz Darlic, Mathew Grange Ishida

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Directed by: Felipe Cifra S.

Production: Felipe Cifra S. for Numeros++ audiovisual

Director of photography / DOP:

Cristian Muñoz Darlic, Mathew Grange Ishida

Camera: Cristian Muñoz Darlic, Mathew Grange Ishida, Felipe Cifra S.

Editing: Mathew Grange Ishida, Felipe Cifra S.

Post Production/ FX: Francisco Flores, Coloro Estudio.