‘I dance as if I have a gun to my head’ – 89-minutes of cutthroat dancing from ZA is here

Dance September 20 2017

The long awaited South African full-length documentary The African Cypher (from 2012) is finally out and here to amaze; 89-minutes of raw dancing and cutthroat stories by ZA’s finest street crews. We fell in love with the trailer (above) and urge you to stream the full length version (like, yesterday). Why? Because it’s a piece that screams raw talent. The African...Continue

81-year-old Esther Mahlangu Slays with the BMW Art Car

Art October 31 2016

Esther Mahlangu X BMW Group recently teamed up and created a one-of-a-kind ride called the – BMW Art Car. We’re loving it. You will too. No one is as incredible as 81-year-old ZA-artist Esther Mahlangu – and renowned brands are taking note. Everyone wants a piece of Mahlangu’s Ndebele art, what’s not to love about Ndebele culture? She’s already put her...Continue

Free the Nipple Already – Like a True Ndebele

Shortfilms October 1 2016

It takes a hardcore non-compromised-non-fashionista such South African actress and TV presenter Tsholofelo Maseko to break all laws of conformity, courage is what it takes to go against the masses and feel comfortable in your skin, in this case….literally. In a world totally consumed by fashion trends and wearable items urging us to cover all our body parts up, Maseko does...Continue

Dance, Sisterhood, Love: Martha & Niki Have It All

Dance January 19 2016

Searching for a path in life while battling against male dancers; sisterhood and a shared burning passion for dance that burns burns burns — these are the themes that are raised in Swedish director Tora Mkandawire Mårtens’ heartfelt feature ‘Martha & Niki‘ which opens in Swedish theaters on January 22nd. Martha & Niki unfolds in Stockholm onto Paris...Continue

Don’t Exclude Us – We’re Kiki

Dance April 26 2015

New York is hands-down the voguing mecca for houses to host the most fierce dance offs, drag runway battles and unorthodox beauty pageants the world has ever seen. Without vogue, NY would lose its trademark, its edge, its diva spirit. Measuring the vogue pulse, the energy is just rocket-high and studios are continuing to draw crowds from all corners of the city. Vogue is in...Continue

Freedom of hate speech and how society lets shit slide: Kamohelo Khoaripe’s war on verbal abuse

Art October 24 2014

The danger of being anything considered outside the norm is probably humanity’s greatest failure and sadly present everywhere. The old news is that homophobia is hard to dodge and the level of violence and tolerance comes in different limits, in any country and language. The profanities are endless, and the many shades of derogatory terms can make any person’s dignity...Continue


Event September 17 2014

Waking up in a slightly shaky and confused Sweden hasn’t been the best of times. I’ll admit that, and so will the better half of the Swedish voters who were just like me hoping for a rasist-free country. The recent Swedish Elections have left the Swedes frowning and cursing upon the aftermath of the result as the Nationalists (SD) keep advancing and gaining their right to...Continue