Asian Gangs


Last week we presented the hilarious short doc entitled “The Sandwich Nazi by Vancouver based filmmaker Lewis Bennett, accordingly Bennett is currently producing a series of monthly short films for 2012, aimed to cover ‘something going on in British Columbia‘.

So, for this week –  we are glad to present his third production entitled ‘Asian Gangs’ made in collab with Calum MacLeod and Stocktown’s own Benjamin Taft.

Calum MacLeod and Lewis Bennett wrote, filmed, acted in, and directed this biographical doc, which is a rewind back to the filmmaker’s past, re-enacting a childhood nemesis. Notably, the principal of the school he once used to go to, warned him that ‘if he wouldn’t change his ways- he would become a member of an asian gang.’ Alarmed by this prediction, Bennett sees to explore this yet-to-find-out-prophecy and asks himself : “Am I in an Asian gang?”

We applaud this!


Asian Gangs (2012)

Director: Lewis Bennett & Calum MacLeod

Cinematographer: Benjamin Taft

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