Are the clowns taking over?


In case anyone has missed out on the missing clown link between South Africa, South Central and Chicago, here’s some footage to remind you.
Exhibit A: For some reason Soweto’s hyper-speed (180+ bpm) marimba-laden Shangaan electro music has been fronted by high-energy clowns, almost since the start, exemplified at this year’s Sonar festival as well as in this older cut.

Exhibit B: LA dancer Tommy the Clown completely stole the show in dazzling clowning/krumping movie ‘Rize’. One of his protégés also offered the classic quote: ‘I used to be a gangsta, but now all I wanna be is a clown.’

Exhibit C: ‘King of tha Circle’ – a dvd on one of the footwork tournaments of Juke capital Chicago is produced by …A Clownhouse film.

Who are these clowns and what do they want from us? Is a massive take-over coming and what will be the next clown craze? Please add your suggestions and ideas below.

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