Antoinette – the house is on fire…


Antoinette Gomis was a dancer before she even was born. Her parents, who used to compete in dance contests, once won the title in the Salsa category at a ballroom dance competition held in Dakar. At the age of 5, she started off by imitating MJ and today she’s one of the best female dancers in the world, practicing locking, waacking and house dance. She’s performed in places worldwide, from France and Guyana, to Italy, and currently teaches master classes, forwarding what her parents once taught her: the love of sharing by dancing.
In this videoclip Antoinette is smooth like air –  she’s pure joy and simply a dancer enjoying the sweet sound of South African producer Black Motion. Enjoy the moment, and if she succeeds in making you getting off the couch and dance – please vote for her HERE.


Also, don’t hesitate to dig in to the video below!


Antoinette Gomis – House Freestyle in New york 2011

New York Freestyle : 1st Ep: Roof Top of Brooklyn House Music

Dancer: Antoinette Gomis

Music: Adil and Black Motion : “Summer Sunshine

Director,Camera: Jaaryce // Ottoproduction 2012

Editing: Thomas Bonnel

Color: correction Sofiane Mehelleb

Text: Olivier Zibret

@AntoinetteGomis @black_motion @Thombonnel @Olivier_ZIBRET

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