An Armed Conflict


Stocktown is proud and stoked to present the exclusive and spanking new premiere for ‘En väpnad konflikt’ written and performed by Meron Mangasha. Here’s a poetic confession – about facing yourself, and looking within.

The idea behind the video according to Meron:

A sentence kept circulating in my head all the time … “It does not come with age, it comes with errors”. At the time, I had committed a series of mistakes (some worse than others). At first, I blamed the people around me, but then I realized I should face myself instead. So that’s the story behind this video.

‘En väpnad konflikt’  (“An armed conflict’) (2012)

Written & Performed : Meron Mangasha

Director & Producer: Senay

Music : Mack Beats

Photo: Ea Lönngren

Watch more from Meron Mangasha performance on Video for Ison & Fille “Epilog – För Evigt”


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