Adidas and the – ever so talented – director Ben Newman of Pulse Films, teamed up to create a new global Adidas women’s campaign ‘All In For Your Girls. The campaign launched in 2011, and all videos feature female athletes from all around the world, all having one thing in common – sharing their passion for sport.

Each commercial portrays unique tales of various passions being pursued by prominent athletes, putting me in a running mode on the verge of jumping into my worn-out jogging shoes. In this video for Adidas in China (shot in Shanghai and Taipei) Ben Newman provides yet another amping and smashing video, featuring Taiwanese pop star & brand ambassador Hebe Tien, all soundtracked by M.I.A’s track ‘Bird flu’.

Check the inspiring piece and put your ‘all in’- mode into action.

For more #mygirls videos go to:

+ visit the adidas’ exclusive YouTube Channel.


Adidas ‘all in for #mygirls’ (2013)

 (New campaign for Adidas Women)

Client: Adidas

Directed by: Ben Newman

Producer: Neil Andrews

Production Company: Pulse Films // Facebook // Vimeo

DoP: Steven Annis

Editor: Thomas Grove Carter

Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss

Music by: M.I.A – ‘Bird flu’.


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