Adios Stereotypes!

I usually stick to art, but when I stumbled on this pulsating video from Tijuana-land, Mexico –well, why not give music a shot. On second thought, there’s a piercing artistic blaze here too: Warholian, psychedelic, even pixilated.

Nortec Visuals, responsible for the aesthetic side of the now decade long Mexican techno-phenomenon Nortec Collective, have translated the borderland into an audiovisual expression, a fusion of wild visual aids and beats hard to find anywhere else outside of Baja: the still uniquely “Tijuanian” sound on speed, combined with local and routine urban visual codes like trucks, “luchas” (the typical wrestling matches), bi-lingual street signs and other migratory emblems, now trademarks for the Mexican collaboration is worth revisiting when overexposed violence seems to be the only thing coming out of Mexico. Traditional but never out-of-date “Banda” and “Norteña” instruments that cross over and become decidedly mechanized, generating and replicating a more authentic and home-grown contemporary experience and saying goodbye to the misleading stereotype of Tijuana as a creatively arid place, is always good pr.

It’s somewhat of an extended bombardment, so sit back as this sense of updated cultural identity retakes its musical and graphic form.

Besides Nortec Visuals on Vimeo, check out, for more on the Art Director Angeles Morenos. Graphics, Photos & Video: Jorge Verdín, Fritz Torres, Gerardo Yépiz, Sergio Brown, Gaby Núñez, Carlos Varela, Oscar Reyes, Raúl Cardenas, Octavio Castellanos, Sal Ricalde, Pepe Mogt, Alejandro Ramírez, José L Martín, Angeles Moreno; Original Audio: Nortec Collective ( Bostich, Clorofila, Fussible, Hiperboreal, Panóptica, Terrestre), Dj Anibal (DVD Nortec Mix).

The original DVD “Nortec Audio-Visual Collective” of which this sequence is an excerpt was commissioned by Trilce Ediciones in 2004

Nortec Visuals/Anaimation:

Nortec collective:

Angeles Morenos:


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