A Sound to LOVE

Let me present Def Soundan artist and a visionary from L.A, who’s words & flow play form a sound that you only can love. I first got introduced to this incredible artist last year as he joined the collective/brand ‘Pronounced Love‘ (based in California) a movement I also came to love over the years.

Pronounced Love’s message is simply: LOVE, and that creativity is limitlessDef Sound who’s real name is Emmanuel, carries an incredible talent and craft, with rich lyrics and spellbinding self-produced beats. The video that I choose to share with you is a piece I genuinely feel reflects him, purely with two words – creativity & love. Def Sound will without a doubt soon be a name known to many.

Story behind the  video for (A)Gainst in Def Sound’s own words;

This is what happens when a Herman Munster expert proves to be nothing more than a careless enthusiast, leaving one giant roomy shoe unattended as a chic forgotten attic for an introspective wordsmithman to make his bed, his calisthenics, his tea, his electronic correspondence, his light reading, and his vanity in. Let this be a warning to anyone who fancies herself a television-historian-memorabilia historian: whenever you discard the personal effects of a bygone small-screen personality, always—ALWAYS—check inside of the shoes. At the very least, you could have demanded that such a wordsmithman pay fairly for his quite luxurious keep.”


Video credits :

Directed by Adam Tillman-Young for BangPop!

Producer: Shalonda Cornitcher

Wardrobe Stylist: Dominique Dawson

Music co produced with  awesome producers  RC, Brook D’Leau, Nevin Thomas, and Zack Sekoff

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