A Heroine to Save the Day: The Last Days of Kartika

The Last Days of Kartika’ is a web series and a staged motion comic that also works as a music video. It portrays an epic story about a modern day heroine, Dusky Diana. Sassy and lean, naughty and mean, Diana is a new day saver. We are finally seeing the dawn of narratives led by powerful, able and agile females. Wi-Moto Nyoka is the mastermind behind Dusky Diana (the singer and the character) and Community Education is the band of performers.

The Last Days of Kartika‘ combines Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop music supporting her musical exploration and the intentions of the production are to ‘provide opportunities for upcoming artists, both local and international, to perform and collaborate with one another through this multi-media project’. So far with audiences in New York, Budapest and Germany, they are currently touring Europe.


Catch the latest info and support Dusky Diana:


+ All episodes avaliable here: https://vimeo.com/channels/thelastdaysofkartika


The Last Days of Kartika, Episode 1: “A Mission”


Illustrations by: Nick Suders

Animation & Graphics by: Noir Worldwide

Music by: Community Education

Written by: Wi-Moto Nyoka

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