The Evolution of Trouble

Art May 18 2015

I was recently exposed to Trouble Andrew‘s music through a friend that directed for a song called, “That Boy.” He asked me to edit the video. Through the process of editing the video, I began to explore Trouble and his career. I really dig his music. You can tell what he feels. Whatever he feels that day or moment is what he wants to produce. That product can be in the form of music, snowboarding, fashion or art. One thing is clear, he had this creativity and vision in him his entire life, it was just a matter of how he was going to harness that.

TroubleVideoScreenshots from ‘This is Trouble’

How does one evolve? When we are doing something for what amounts to a lifetime, how do we put that life down and start with something new? With the limited release of Trouble Andrew’s new LP on Soundcloud, I wanted to explore the transition of his professional snowboarding career to his music career.

This is Trouble” explores the transition of Trouble’s life from snowboarding to music.  He was so engulfed in his persona as a snowboarder that when he was injured he had a moment in his life where he didn’t know what the next stage was going to be. Artists find a way. They are so drawn to a craft that they need to move on to something that is not only a creative outlet, but also a way to express who they are as individuals.

Skating, snowboarding and surfing aren’t just a sport they are a culture. A way of life. This culture embodies art, creativity and expression and requires participants to be open to new and innovative ways to do things.



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Filmed & edited by: Thibaut Grevet

Directed by: Sebastien Zanella

Production Assistant: Pierre David

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Malgorzata Wozniak
May 29 2015
8:36 pm

You guys did a really good job. It’s a really well-done video. Seriously, it’s both pleasure of watching and listening. I’m a fan of Trouble and I adore his passion for art. Not only for music but also design or direction. You can feel that these things matter to him. People say “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and Trouble is a perfect example for it. By examining things, by practicing them he achieved something. I wish him luck and support him as a fan.