Shortfilms October 29 2012


From ‘Os Kuduristas’, Angola, onto ‘Os Pixadores’, Brazil, home of Samba and Capoeira, comes Pixação. A graffiti movement booming in Brazil since the 80’s and consists of street artists (pixadores) bombing tags in high unreachable places, using the city walls to spread their message and highlight social gaps.

ASOS Black, Puma, and award winning director Ben Newman, teamed up to create this short film which follows a Pixadores crew around São Paulo. It must be said, Ben Newman’s eye for capturing moments of pure bliss (e.g the train shot, 2.10-2.35 min) is outstanding, those split seconds demonstrate his sense of beauty.

Os Pixadores‘ portrays a guerilla of fearless souls and speaks of the valour and endeavor it takes to climb those dizzying heights. It reveals the extreme conditions and all-in commitment in which these artists throw themselves into, ‘the only way to push things forward is to risk something important’ is what keeps them climbing higher, up towards the city’s skyline and touch the sky. There’s no height high enough, to them – the sky’s the limit.


ASOS Puma ‘Os Pixadores’

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Directed by: Ben Newman // // Facebook /Vimeo // @pulsefilms

Produced by: ASOS x Puma