Dance or do drugs – breakdancing in Iran

Dance October 14 2011

Professional aerobics- That’s what Iranian B-boys need to call breaking since it’s illegal in Iran – as most things that make people happy, including human rights.

In 2001 Bboy Kamran (featured at 05:11) was emprisoned for dancing in public. Another bboy shares the stress that comes with teaching bgirls how to dance and its consequences – immediate arrest – and in his case, turning to drugs to divert the depression of not being allowed to dance.

Check out the secret training sessions in Bboy Spaghetti’s documentary and a young man’s last rap before he has to join the army. No b-girls in sight obviously, but a kick ass beatboxer, a heart-warming Cico fan and the participants’ moving visions of a thriving hiphop scene in a future free Iran.

Also check out the AMAZINGLY FUNNY breakdance footage from a wedding in Iran back in the day – to be precise 1991. These guys have got their groove on – with or without crutches. Don’t miss Mr “I AM the 90s” in shades and a US flag adorned jeans jacket at 1:03.