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Free the Robots – A Decade of the Prototype

Music October 6 2015

I recently sat down with Chris Alfaro aka Free the Robots to talk about his process. Continually trying to understand the mind of an artist is something that every creative person should do. Not only to inspire, but also to remind all of us of the hard work and dedication it takes to accomplish our dreams. We all have thoughts of wanting to go out and just do something. Chris...Continue

The Evolution of Trouble

Art May 18 2015

I was recently exposed to Trouble Andrew‘s music through a friend that directed for a song called, “That Boy.” He asked me to edit the video. Through the process of editing the video, I began to explore Trouble and his career. I really dig his music. You can tell what he feels. Whatever he feels that day or moment is what he wants to produce. That product can...Continue

Aryz: World Of Giants

Art April 14 2015

Artist Aryz goes deep on his philosophy about indoor/outdoor art and gives an insightful look into the effects social media has on artists today. Creating a discipline within your profession as an artist is hard work. Aryz is able to continue with his onslaught of fantastic work showing all over the world while at the same time keeping a true street mentality which allows him...Continue