Life as he sees it

Art June 5 2014

‘Life as I see it‘ is Brooklyn-based photographer Andre D. Wagner’s latest project. I am a huge fan of the way he captures moment without saying much, his photographic style explores the human condition in a raw and anonymous way. Wagner shoots with a clever and intentional perspective, capturing the lives of people walking and living in this world in a way that...Continue

Ponte City: the rebirth of the icon of decay

Shortfilms November 13 2013

  When you first arrive in Johannesburg, one of the buildings you spot is the iconic Ponte City. There’s no way one can drive about in the city and not notice it. Its story is as noticeable. The German writer Norman Ohler once described Johannesburg’s Ponte City as Africa’s tallest residential building – “Ponte sums up all the hope, all the wrong ideas of...Continue

The “Visual Guide” to a new Africa

Style November 6 2013

‘Once we landed and were settled we ventured over to the “cool” district of Jo’burg which is Braamfontein and I thought to myself “Are we in Brooklyn? (Laughs to self) We found the younger generation of South Africa which is almost a whopping 50 percent of the population dismantling all stereotypes that the continent has endured through the decades. The youth of...Continue

Chiraq: 250 and counting

Docs September 10 2013

To get a grip of how violent Chicago is, go no further than this twitter handle @chiraqhomicide. Earlier this month, the city recorded its 250th homicides. No wonder it goes by the war-zone inspired nickname ‘Chiraq’. This documentary by photographer Will Robson-Scott paints a gruesome picture of the harsh reality of Chicago streets. A sobering, artistic and informative...Continue

My camera is my weapon

Music August 16 2013

It’s not the street, it’s the life on the street. It’s where the streets take you. This is a terrific documentary looking at the photographers who redefined street photography. Capturing life in all its facets: beautiful, violent, disturbing or surreal. Life captured like fiction, as it happens. For more information, visit   Everybody...Continue