Spray-cation in China

Art February 3 2014

Three Chinese street artists from the collective IDT (Industry Definition Transfer) undertake a 1,200 mile journey across China, painting on different surfaces and encountering a range of people who all have different attitudes to their work – which re-interprets a traditional visual vocabulary drawn from practices such as calligraphy. Like a traveling troupe they rely...Continue

Breaking Tradition

Art January 15 2014

Bishi Bhattacharya‘s hauntingly beautiful voice rises over the ghats of the ancient Indian city of Benares as widows, clothed in mourning white, walk the streets. The artist and film maker Bharat Sikka and fashion designer Manish Arora, whose neon clothing illuminates the streets with bursts of colour offer a glimpse into a cloistered world which is being struck open as...Continue

Graffiti is better than an Orgasm

Art November 22 2013

Koma is passionate about street art – he says its ‘better than an orgasm’. An Indonesian artist whose characters give new meaning to traditional Indonesian mythology, he is dedicated to enlivening people with his characters as is his street crew, Artcoholicis. Ivan P. Demon, Boiy Aribowo and Anastasia R.D. spend a weekend getting to know Koma.   Weekend...Continue

Well of Death

Art November 13 2013

  In Hindi they call it Maut ka Kuan and it means –  The Well of Death. This sideshow tradition began in the early 1900’s on Coney Island in New York, but is today popular in India. The young and talented filmmaker and photographer Vikas Maurya captures the carnival atmosphere of the Maut ka Kuan as it happens on the outskirts of New Delhi where you can buy a...Continue