Shanise Redmon

United States

Just a writer in the shadows moonlighting as a strangers hero.

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Shanise Redmon is a a writer and aspiring filmmaker currently based in Philadelphia.

Occupation: Writer. 

Interests: Filmmaking. Poetry. Reading. Painting. Collage making. 

City of origin: Philadelphia.

Current location: Philadelphia. 

What are you up to right now? 

In between freelancing as much as I can, I am in the preproduction stages of my second film. I am also working towards releasing my first digital poetry and photography magazine this summer and dipping my toes into painting.

What kind of videos make you go wow?

Anything with distinct and powerful visuals keeps me coming back. Those are the type videos that I’ll watch over and over. Videos that give an intimate look into the artist whether it be live performances or studio tours are always interesting to watch and are usually  educational.

What’s your signature steeze as a Video Curator?

My approach is to entertain and enlighten the viewer with a wide variety of visual presentations.

Tell us about your experience at Stocktown? 

Well I am just starting out but the experience has been amazing so far. Stocktown posted my first film, Life under the Art, last year and that was a special experience. Stocktown is great site with awesome international community.

What are you doing when you’re not doing anything? 

I’m usually reading, researching to formulate ideas for new projects or record shopping.



Shanise’s Corner: Johnnie Taylor- Jody the Backdoor Man

Music January 13 2014

  Picture this –  You wake up, eat breakfast and head to work at 6am. A man approaches your door at 6:01am. Well that fella goes by the name of Jody. He is a slick cat, who steps up to serve anybody’s woman with some sideline loving. At this moment, your wheels are turning, your eyes are rolling and you’re boiling mad, right? Although what Jody’s doing is...Continue

Shanise’s Corner: B.B. King – Not So Sweet Sixteen

Music December 5 2013

Euphoric misery. Let that sink in for a second. Euphoric misery. You may be asking yourself – how is that even possible? B.B. King personifies that often inconceivable emotion from every touch of his guitar strings to the deep rooted sincerity of his rich tone. One does not get the title ‘King of the Blues’ with devoting their life to it. B.B. King is the bluest of...Continue

Shanise’s Corner: Sonny Rollins – The Weaver of Dreams

Music October 13 2013

Some things in life speak to the spirit without the usage of a single word, like a smokey midnight jazz photograph by Lee Tanner. The faint scent of lilies in the distance, or the sweetened weary yet vibrant tones that soar out of tenor saxophone. When the tenor sax floats through the lips and into the vocal conversation of jazz enthusiasts and new fans alike, Sonny Rollins is...Continue

Spike’s New Game

Music July 3 2013

Limited opportunities function as the battle cry leaking out from all corners of the world. Despite the limitation, there are some glimpses of hope brought forth through exercises of woolgathering. Sports carry and provide those who are physically involved and onlookers alike an atmosphere of escapism fueled by passion for the game regardless of what it is. In this video,...Continue

The Beauty of Killing Time

Shortfilms June 10 2013

Daily routines. Almost every living being has them, but how does one truly reflect on that routine? If one does reflect or even dares to examine that routine, does that disrupt the natural pulse of living or does it add texture or a self-formulated rhythm to that pulse? There is no solid answer to those questions but this enthralling short film ‘My Friend Kills Time’ by...Continue

JR: Star of the world’s largest gallery

Art May 20 2013

  Historically, certain sectors of art have built an isolating tomb around itself with white wine and white walls. Outside of those stark walls, there is gallery that cannot be contained or conquered by no one – that gallery is the streets. Nonconformist artist, JR, transforms the urban landscape with his colossal images. Growing up in Paris as a teen, art sort of...Continue