Beats to Make the World Go Round

Beat Making Lab apart of PBS’ Digital Studios, is a documentary series following youth around the world as they participate in the global music scene by learning to make the foundation of hip hop music, the beat. In the new Ethiopia series Professor Pierce Freelon and producer Apple Juice Kid take the lab to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where they use beat making techniques to produce music that brings awareness to different health issues affecting the region.

Photo Credit: IntraHealth
Photo Credits: IntraHealth

In this episode they follow aspiring beat maker Gelila Bekele on her journey through the program. What’s so interesting about this project is their approach to teaching hip hop and its power in communities worldwide. Most people tend to focus on the words and message, but this series shows how creative, meaningful, and powerful the sound can be. In this episode we continue to follow the story of Gelila, who was introduced in the first episode, and how Professor Freelon and Apple Juice Kid take the ideas of the students to blend each sound to one.

New episodes in the Ethiopia series will be aired every Wednesday at Noon Eastern Standard Time on YouTube.



Gelila: (Part 2/2) Ethiopian Beatmaker | Beat Making Lab | PBS Digital Studios

Directed, Filmed, Edited by: David Hambridge

Produced by: IntraHealth, PBS Digital Studios and ARTVSM

Hosts: Pierce Freelon and Stephen Levitin (aka Apple Juice Kid)

Music: Apple Juice Kid, Beat Making Lab, Creative Commons songs: Podington Bear -All Out, ByGrace, Frosted Glass, Formless, Hearts a Flutter, HardWon, EtchedGlass, ModernGlory,

Dejected, BMood Stop-motion: McKinney