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King of Sevdah Božo Vrećo Melts Balkan Hearts and He’s Out to Melt Yours

Music October 4 2017

What’s a traditional sevdah singer-songwriter doing on an urban culture website like Stocktown? What’s nature got to do with culture and why “just” a voice in a world full of a multitude of alternate realities and “fake news”? From Europe’s most sizzling East-meets-West boiling pot, where artillery fumes from the 90’s war can still...Continue

Pussy is the New Dick. Get over it.

Music November 9 2016

Straight outta Vagina is currently the 10th (not in chronological order) video by Moscow-based punk feminist band Pussy Riot. According to Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova’s statement for The Guardian: “This song could be considered an answer to Trump. But I believe the idea of powerful female sexuality is much bigger than any populist megalomaniac man … Vagina is...Continue

Queer Stories that Need to be Told

Docs October 25 2016

Check it! is a documentary movie about the first ever documented LGBTIQ gang in the US. It’s a success story of three bullied childhood friends who are trying to make it despite the odds against them. Armed with a passion for fashion and lots of attitude, the gang teamed up for protection and empowerment. At the beginning, nothing was easy and some got incarcerated....Continue

House Anthems for Needy Ears and New Times

Dance April 27 2016

Just as we couldn’t stop jiggling to Batuk’s thumping dance-evoking house treat “Call Me Naughty”, Batuk releases a third official single off their upcoming album, Musica da Terra (pre-order here), along with a new fan-made video. The song is called Gira, which is Portuguese for ‘turn around’, and according to Batuk’s Facebook,...Continue

Gato Preto on the Quest to Save the Ancient Beats

Music October 27 2015

We still wish we knew Portuguese so we could rap to these hot numbers that Gato Preto delivers over and over again. Their afrofuturistic sound, a mix of Kuduro, Favela House and African Riddims, sets an interesting direction to the future of Kuduro and has quickly won the interest of every self-respecting Kuduro enthusiast. The eclectic genre fusion that Gato Preto sports...Continue

Smile Like You Mean it, Beauty Queen

Docs October 15 2015

A head of an average 11-year-old weighs approximately 3.5 kg, a crown 4 kg – add to that the tedious talks about beautifying processes and chemicals that could make one’s scalp almost fall off – and you’re bound to frighten an 11-year-old girl for life. Must beauty be so scary, demanding and merciless? I’ve seen ‘La Reina‘ (The Queen), a...Continue

The First African 360° Music Video

Music June 23 2015

The future is already here. Our friends from the Stocktown Films crew, who are also the makers of Afripedia project as well as the directors of this video, Senay Berhe, Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft, continue to impress global audiences with their trailblazing videos. This time they’ve teamed up with record label Selam Sounds to produce the music video for the Ethiopian...Continue