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Filmmaker, traveller, punk-rocker, cross-fitter, denim-wearer, coffee-drinker, off-road-runner, independent-shopper, selfish-lover, solitude-seeker, paleo-eater, eternal-teenager, unapologetic-religion-hater, hard-worker, fast-talker, faster-walker, fixie-bike-rider, alcohol-avoider, soul-searcher, non-conformer…



INDIE CITIES – Nairobi – Juliani (Music)

Art June 30 2014

Julius Owino, also known as Juliani, is a hip-hop musician with an infectious message of social, spiritual and political emancipation, fresh and relevant in Africa today. His unique lyrical flow, passionate delivery and electrifying performances have made him an icon to Kenyan and African youth and he uses this powerful platform to make the world a better place. Forever...Continue

INDIE CITIES – Stockholm – Unionville (Fashion)

Art May 12 2014

Unionville is a small clothing store for men situated in Södermalm, Stockholm, run by brothers Douglas & Hampus. The store is stocked with carefully selected products, made with passion and attention to detail. Unionville is a salute to the people who hand-crafted each piece in a timeless style –  from the 50′s, the pre-war era, the Great Depression and earlier....Continue

INDIE CITIES – Nairobi – Vava Coffee (Food & Drinks)

Art May 5 2014

Vava Angwenyi is the one-woman powerhouse behind VAVA Coffee. She embodies a new African Coffee Culture, fusing an exemplary hand crafted quality product with a new consciousness for ethically and environmentally sustainable commodities. She was compelled to start an independent coffee business four years ago to make positive changes for coffee farmers, firstly in Kenya and...Continue

INDIE CITIES – Stockholm – Fritjof and Pikanen (Music)

Art April 16 2014

Juuso Pikanen (aka Pikanen) has made electronic music as long as he can remember and back in 2006 he produced the Swedish rapper Max Peezay’s critically acclaimed album ‘Discokommitén’. Fritjof Löfgren (aka Fritjof) has been playing in a bunch of different bands – but the F&P-collaboration initially kicked off by a remix that Pikanen made for one of...Continue

INDIE CITIES – Nairobi – Dickson Kaloki (Art)

Art April 2 2014

Dickson Kaloki is a creative powerhouse, dabbling in fashion design, film, music, and sculpture. Raised in the Mukuru Kayaba slum in Nairobi, Dickson was forced into creativity from a very young age and reflects on making his own toys. “I fell in love with the slums from as far back as I can remember”. Painting the slums was an escape for him. It was artistic expression...Continue

INDIE CITIES – Stockholm – Candyland (Art)

Art March 26 2014

Candyland is a non-profit art-collective run by ten people and based in Södermalm, the south-east part of Stockholm. Founded in February 2004, Candyland has arranged more than a hundred exhibitions, gigs, performances, workshops, screenings and parties over the last ten years. The members of Candyland each take turns to invite different artists from around the world to...Continue

INDIE CITIES – Nairobi – Suave Designs (Style)

Art March 19 2014

Suave Design is the brainchild of stylish young indie-entrepreneur Mohammad Awale. After working in various corporate jobs after university, Mohammad decided to quit working for the man and start working for himself. He rented a small workshop in the notorious River Road area of Downtown Nairobi and hired three craftspeople and starting making prototypes. After only 12 months,...Continue