Get Fresh With You, BKLYN

Animation December 21 2011

Watch the NYC skyline come dancing in this awesome clip. A ridiculously simple yet innovative video. The crisp animations contrast with the Manhattan skyline in the background yet seems to be a part of it at the same time. Cool to see such a original use of projected images in animation. Teddybears are lucky to recieve such a genius video on their lap. Shot by Swedish indie...Continue

Serious Fashion

Style November 27 2011

  The most heavy fashion statement right now is a tribute to the diversity of style. In four minutes, manage to explore why we stick to subcultures and tribes in modern cities. The last forty years of street style summed up in online casino australia four minutes! Chances are you won’t ever get a more rapid nor illustrative way of showing what you wear....Continue

Sister power

Docs November 10 2011

Swedish/Burkina Fasoian director Theresa Traore Dahlberg came out guns blazing earlier this year with Taxi Sister, a documentary that intimately portrays Senegalese taxi driver Boury and the fourteen fellow women taxi drivers in Dakar that have taken up cab driving as part of a government sponsored program. Taxi Sister stays way clear of both dystopian images of famine, AIDS...Continue

Drums please!

Style July 30 2011

Ever seen a drumming tee? This fashion ad is aimed towards the beat heads out there. Sure, club culture might have influenced gear design, for some thirty plus years, but this here is done vice versa- music inspires clothing design. Original drum n’ bass on your belly! Director: Jakob Arevärn Photography: David Lundmark Music Producer: Alex Noreus Design: Marc...Continue

The Pirate Bay away from Keyboard

Docs July 20 2011

  The real story of The Pirate Bay by Swedish documentary film maker Simon Klose. While giving the history on the world famous file sharing activists, Klose’s project also points to the future of financing independent underground films. Directed by: Simon...Continue

No postcards, I’ll send a film

Shortfilms July 7 2011

Upcoming swedish videographers, Maceo Frost shows us three minutes from his holiday with Lionel Cabrera in Spain. A beautifully edited short video, seamlessly put together. All shot with ease while simultaneously capturing skating, travelling, flying and chilling. If there ever was a travel agency that was hip to the streets, this one’s for them! A film by: Maceo Frost...Continue