Bicycle Gurus

Trailer July 4 2011

Dogskating might be cool, as long as it’s performed digitally, but Accra’s young bikers, a.k.a the Bikelordz are putting the hip back in biking, by regarding it as a fulltime job, and devoting more time to it than your average Japanese salaryman and becoming natural climate warriors in the process. Check them out in the new documentary Bikelordz that recently...Continue

Ghana-Nigeria 1-0

Music June 17 2011

“I’m Ghana’s best female singer”, is the first thing Efya told me when I met at her at a night club in Accra. And well, she actually is. Not just because she won the Best female artist trophy at this spring’s Ghana Music Awards or because she has more star quality and swagger than most. No, this is a female trumpet we’re talking about here....Continue

Ghanaian rappers – beware of the dwarf!

Music June 6 2011

‘That little dwarf is lethal!’ exclaims a YouTube-fan in awe at the lava flow of Mohammed Awal, but this guy is actually not vertically challenged, but just a ridiculously talented 13 year old (12 in this cut). Awal emerged last year on ‘Talented Kidz’ a tv show for kids, outclassing numerous Ghaneian hiplife artists. He might have been pre teen at the time, but on the...Continue