The Swedish Souluminati are Taking Over

Music September 24 2012

  To non-Swedes, Swedish soul might sound like a contradiction in terms, but you are WRONG. There’s so much unbelievably soulful music coming out from Sweden, that Stockholm might change names into ‘The Scandinavian Soulsville’ if this continues. Exhibit A: “Headshake” Saturday, Monday ft (amazing vocalist) Julia Spada. I’m absolutely in...Continue


Docs May 30 2012

  For many people, Afghanistan is the last country that springs to mind when skating is concerned. Especially female skating. But guess what? Skateistan –  the phattest stan country ever –  is changing that by teaching girls – and boys – how to rock a board. In the first video, Afghani girls explain why they love skating so much! In the second,...Continue

Obi-wan Premier ft. Nas Skywalker

Music February 9 2012

Ever wondered what it would sound like if DJ Premier and Nas went berserk with the Berklee Symphony Orchestra? Like a Star Wars battle according to some. A bit tame compared to Nas’ previous takes on Carmina Burana and Beethoven, if you ask me. Nevertheless, it is enjoyable to see Premier direct a whole symphony orchestra. So anyway, why are they doing this? On Feb 16th...Continue

Why dictators love beer

Music January 27 2012

Angola’s president José Eduardo dos Santos likes being in power. He likes it so much that he’s kept his job since 1979. While the country’s oil resources is the main reason behind  its 12 % yearly growth Angola is ranked 44 out of 48 sub-Saharan African countries, scoring particularly badly in Human Rights. Not to mention that more than one in four children die before...Continue

Dance or do drugs – breakdancing in Iran

Dance October 14 2011

Professional aerobics- That’s what Iranian B-boys need to call breaking since it’s illegal in Iran – as most things that make people happy, including human rights. In 2001 Bboy Kamran (featured at 05:11) was emprisoned for dancing in public. Another bboy shares the stress that comes with teaching bgirls how to dance and its consequences – immediate...Continue

Are the clowns taking over?

Dance September 1 2011

  In case anyone has missed out on the missing clown link between South Africa, South Central and Chicago, here’s some footage to remind you. Exhibit A: For some reason Soweto’s hyper-speed (180+ bpm) marimba-laden Shangaan electro music has been fronted by high-energy clowns, almost since the start, exemplified at this year’s Sonar festival as well as...Continue

Graffiti vs Fine art

Trailer August 3 2011

What happens when 65 Graffiti artists from 13 countries meet in a museum and are actually allowed the time to work slowly and in peace? Director Jared Levy (NYC) decided to find out when São Paulo, the world’s third largest metropolis, in the fall of 2010 became the site of the 1st Biennial International “Graffiti Fine Art” Exhibition at the MuBE Museum. A...Continue