What are you up to right now? 

 Writing a new project which is a mix between a radio show and a web TV.

What kind of videos make you go wow

– The ones that speak about TRUE people in an original way.

What’s your signature steeze as a Video Curator? 

– If you can talk, you can sing, you can walk, you can dance!

Tell us about your experience at Stocktown

– I created a blog when I was living in Montreal. It was about Hip and Pop Culture, so I used to spend hours on the internet looking for some gems (videos, music, texts…) and naturally going from a website to another led me to Stocktown.

What are you doing when you’re not doing anything? 

– I’m always on the run, so I’m always looking for new things to appreciate and share. Whether I’m on the street taking pictures or just exploring a new bookshop. I have a serious problem with art books, I can’t help buying books. At home, I’m not so much into TV but I spend a lot of time on my laptop. As I said going from a website to another, discovering music on Soundcloud, trying to find inspiration by discovering new artists and last, but not least, trying to travel from my sofa to I don’t know, the periphery in Sao Paulo or a music Festival in Nairobi (this will be my next travel I think). So, this is pretty much me. Liz, lover of life, people and different cultures!



Luanda City Beats

Music November 25 2013

  If I say ‘You, you are my high’ does that ring a bell? And if so, do goosebumps by any chance automatically arise and cover your entire body? Well, at least that’s what happens to me when I hear that song. Why am I sharing this info with you? Because back in 2000, that particular song and video titled ‘You Are My High’ went viral exclusively produced by the...Continue

Here’s is a little story that must be told: RUBBLE KINGS

Docs April 5 2013

  Video above: RUBBLE KINGS (Trailer) By: Shan Nicholson //  Produced by Ben Velez & Cristina Esterás Ortiz  H I P H O P – six letters that became a synonym for a global culture known to people from all corners of the world during the last 40 years. But the question remains – what is the background of hip hop? What was it that made youngsters grab...Continue

Antoinette – the house is on fire…

Dance February 20 2013

  Antoinette Gomis was a dancer before she even was born. Her parents, who used to compete in dance contests, once won the title in the Salsa category at a ballroom dance competition held in Dakar. At the age of 5, she started off by imitating MJ and today she’s one of the best female dancers in the world, practicing locking, waacking and house dance. She’s...Continue

Scrapertown, Original Youngstaz

Shortfilms January 22 2013

  They are kids and they ride bikes, the kind of bikes you’d love to possess as a youngster. They’re a team, and go by the name Original Scraper Bike Team.  If you ever want to wear their colors, you better prove that you’re able to create and pimp your bicycle. Follow filmmakers Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari, for a journey into the streets of...Continue

Dancing in the streets of Jo’burg

Trailer December 5 2012

  When Beyonce featured the Tofo Tofo dance troupe in her video for “Girl (Who run this world?)” last year, the hype on Pantsula broke loose. Today, you can travel into the heart of Jozi’s streets, and find that there’s more to the dance movement than the video provided by the US superstar. Martin Meissonnier is a music lover, globetrotter and french...Continue

City of God – 10 years later

Shortfilms November 27 2012

  Remember Ze Pequeno (Little Joe), Buscapé (Firecracker) or Béné (Benny)? They were all the main characters of ‘City of God’ – a striking Brazilian movie about the renowned favelas of Rio de Janeiro. At the time, the directors behind the movie, Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund, hired non-actors who were living in the area. Kids and grown-ups did their...Continue

Kitintale: Skate in Uganda

Docs November 20 2012

  You found out about the power of Skate Culture and how strong it was through Skateistan, but this time swiss photographer –Yann Gross leads us to the suburbs of Kampala, Uganda, to a place called Kitintale. If you browse for some information on it, you’ll only find news about that skate park, which local kids built from that red soil. Here’s a sneak peek of...Continue