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Pantsula Vbyz

Dance October 21 2013

Friend Within’s latest music video ‘The Renegade’ shot in Soweto is vibing Pantsula style, a classic homegrown dance originating in South Africa. Not sure if it’s totally the case, but according to Colors Magazine, back in the day ‘Pantsula became associated with a class of troublemakers: bored youths who defined themselves with aggressive ways of walking,...Continue

Lil Buck So Trill

Dance November 19 2012

  Lil Buck keeps it trill with his jookin moves in this Jacob Sutton directed short clip for Blending fashion, threads by the indubitably talented connoisseur, Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy) and Conquistador, with beats by Azealia Banks, you can only come to one conclusion: Lil Buck is definitely #buck. Sutton told Nowness that he “-liked the idea of...Continue

Copyright? Copyleft?

Animation October 18 2012

  Is any idea really original? Why do we care so much? Well, for those of us working in the creative business, ideas are the product. If we can’t protect our ideas, and get credit for them, how do we even make or keep making money? Thing is, aren’t most things derivative in some form or fashion…? Becoming a strong believer in shades of grey than black...Continue


Docs October 10 2012

  Why is it that some are born into security, a life of plenty, and others to a world so bleak? I have no way to answer this yet, I am however left thinking that on whatever end of the spectrum we may be, how do we keep our humanity? This short documentary on the LION BASE crew – 20 young men living in the gutter and slum in Freetown, by the same name, feels like...Continue

One Man’s Junk

Animation October 1 2012

  Nothing like a little bit of good old visual candy here in Jeremy Puren’s stop-motion animation. Brought to life the witty ‘junk’ sculptures of sculptor, Monique Fagan. Clearly, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. ‘Sandpit animations‘ Client : Tamsyn Reynolds (Director of the Documentary) Director of animation and animator...Continue


Dance August 13 2012

Ok it’s official, my last few posts have all been about street dancing. Yep, I am a sucker for SYTYCD. Probably shouldn’t be admitting that I am swayed like that, but then again that’s what got me going on my latest curated thread and to this video. Glitch is a contendor, his ridiculous dance moves have kept him in the game despite not having any formal...Continue

Good Brain, Good Guinness

Advertising July 26 2012

Think I must be late to catch onto the genius of Lee “Scratch” Perry. In a landscape of bland creative, he sure does stand out and what’s even more crazy is there are still brands out there that are willing to put their creative cahones on the line. I have no idea if people bought more Guinness after these ads, but it sure won’t be a series you forget...Continue