Megan Youngblood

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What are you up to right now?

Currently, I am finishing up my studies at Hunter College. I freelance at Vice’s The Creators Project, Bowery Boogie, and here.

What kind of videos make you go wow?

Cinematography is huge for me. Also anything with a unique story line and complex characterization. I am a huge fans of unexpected twists (in both fiction and nonfiction), am anti-happy-ever-after cliches, and love films that challenge Eurocentrism.

What’s your signature steeze as a Video Curator?

Music seems to be where I’ve posted mostly, although that’s sort of just by chance. I’m equally interested in art, dance, and culture in general.

Tell us about your experience at Stocktown?

I found Stocktown in my research for a project I’m interested in doing on youth culture in South Africa. I was immediately enamored, and wanted to be a part of their website/community. I try to submit a monthly video to the site, and love browsing Vimeo, scouring for the most interesting videos to be featured on the blog.

What are you doing when you’re not doing anything?

1. Watching a documentary on Netflix.
2. Drinking a tequila gimlet at a NY dive with one of my friends.
3. Reading.



Unlocking the Truth about Sixth Grade and Heavy Metal

Music July 11 2013

Although many 11 year-olds are members of fictitious bands who are supposedly on their way of being the next Rolling Stones (or *NSYNC depending on how sophisticated the tastes of the children are), few can actually rock out as hard as sixth graders Malcolm Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins, and Alec Atkins. Natives to Flatbush, Brooklyn, the three members of Unlocking the...Continue

From the Streets of Sao Paulo to the World: Wheatpasting

Art May 13 2013

  As the largest metropolitan city in South America, and the eighth largest in the world – São Paulo has evolved into one of the world’s street art capitals. In this documentary, we follow artists such as Laura Guimarães, Miurrauze, Thiago Imperio around São Paolo as they explain their use of street art as an escape from, as one artist puts it, the omnipresent...Continue

Do you know what Seoul sounds like?

Music February 5 2013

  Now that Gangnam Style has over 1 billion views, making it the most viewed video in YouTube history, perhaps the general internet-browsing population has a better idea of what Seoul, the capital of South Korea and one of the world’s largest urban cities, sounds like. Gangnam Style pertains to a genre called “k-pop”, short for Korean Pop. “Gangnam” actually...Continue

Israel: This Isreal

Video Montage January 23 2013

  A beautiful video montage created by Matty Brown, with a somewhat haunting original soundtrack by John Adams.“This Isreal” explores the multifaceted landscape and culture of Israel. Although smaller than the state of New Jersey, Israel is saturated in political controversy which seems to be forever escalating. As someone who will admit with shame that I am nowhere...Continue

Liz Ogumbo “Maro pa more”

Music October 8 2012

  Liz Ogumbo, a Kenyan singer who resides in South Africa, paired up with Zubz, a rapper from Zimbabwe, and fellow South Africa resident, to give us “Maro pa more“, a track from Liz’s album titled “Ken Soul”, released in October 2010.  With a video as sunny and warm as the song itself by DYMK FILMS, a slight shake and a smirk sneak up on...Continue