Jellyfish by Maia von Lekow

Music November 27 2013

The spice islands of Zanzibar were hundreds of years ago a hub for traders, travellers and locals. Arabic, Swahili and infusions of cultures all mixing and matching to turn it into a gateway for the Middle East, India and Africa. Recording artist Maia von Lekow brings that same sensibility as she weaves a medley of jazz, funk, folk & blues all sweetened with what she...Continue

Blackman presents: Nanjira’s “Walking” on The Nairobi Sessions

Music March 25 2013

  Award-winning Kenyan producer David “Blackman” Muthami is taking his ear and his guitar to put some of Nairobi’s best known artists as well as new and emerging talents on display. That’s what “The Nairobi Sessions” is gunning for in bringing videos to some of the voices and talents behind the mic. Nanjira, a Kenyan social media...Continue

Zaki Ibrahim Does “The Do”

Music August 20 2012

  Eclectic South African/Canadian songstress – Zaki Ibrahim teamed up with Christian Denslow to create this video for her single ‘The Do’. It follows the story of a woman who has her idyllic existence shattered to pieces, when one day her deferred ambition returns to haunt her. Nothing will appease the rage of her unrequited calling which now erupts with no...Continue

Yoshua Alikuti (Lil’ Wayne “A Milli” video remake) by The Very Best

Music June 12 2012

  Shot in Nairobi by the duo of Malawian Rapper Esau Mwamaya and UK producer Johan Hugo, this brings the grit and grime of Nairobi’s slum swag to the pac of Lil’ Wayne’s ‘A Milli’ music video from years past. Here’s The Very Best’s music video for ‘Yoshua Alikuti‘. Directed by Village Beat & Johan Hugo Shot by Village...Continue

Wageuzi: Transformers-esque Political 3D Animation Film From Africa

Shortfilms February 10 2012

Kenyan animator Andrew Kaggia, proves that disability is never inability in his animated short film “Wageuzi” which translates from Swahili to English as “The Changemakers.” Referring to politicians and their role in shaping popular culture in Kenya (and in many ways the rest of Africa) this 3D short film showcases Kenya’s main political...Continue