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Teaser: Getting up

Docs February 13 2012

In my life, there are two things that I love beyond everything: empowerment and graffiti. These two have come to define och redefine the person I am. When world renown artist Tony “Tempt One” Quan was diagnosed with the degenerative nerve disorder ALS which causes total paralysis, in 2003, it was a dark time for everyone in the scene; especially for someone that...Continue

What are you listening to?

Music December 25 2011

We’re all small parts of a mass ornament- in which everything is in constant motion and sound, like details within a gigantic painting. I love strolling around the streets of Södermalm, Sthlm, and just listen to music and watch people. I always wonder what kind of music some people listen to. Sometimes, I get inspired by them and at times I even start singing and...Continue

Animated Love

Animation December 3 2011

I’ve somehow always known that I just love France. So, when I see stuff like this-  all doubts are erased, and I get all mushy and warm inside. The video for Vassili was created within three weeks and is aestetic porn in style of Kadavre Exquis See it, love it. Feel...Continue

Baba Stiltz : A Tribute To The Godfather

Music November 21 2011

At the age of eight- he got a 4 channel porta and started making songs to ventilate his emotional respiratory distress, because he was ”kind of a special kid”. At the age of twelve, he made music about hedonistic hunger. The same year, godfather Daniel Savio, introduced him to skweee: This now 17 year-old has always been ahead of his time. Nowadays Baba Stiltz is the king...Continue

A panoramic ride through a shiny universe

Animation September 17 2011

This one totally blew me away when I first saw it. The visuals speaks for themselves, so I didn´t even hear the music until after five replays.Now that people, are some seriously dope sh*t. No further questions your honor. ”All is well” is made by Roland Lindner ( Concept, direction, 3D-modelling, editing and compositing, and Diane Karner...Continue

Chimeras of motion

Docs August 6 2011

There is something about the air under your sneaks when you work the concrete. So hard to explain, even harder to feel. But when you feel it..Man! You FEEL it.I’ve alwayshad a soft spot for free runners and parcour artists. They are the essence ofthe urban core if you ask me. Concrete panters, chimeras of motion. They are it.This is myfirst meeting with Mr Frank...Continue

Straight from the heart

Music July 13 2011

The video is filmed and directed by Duncan Mukada and Oliver Martin Henriquez,with  film assistance provided by Maceo Frost. This became my very own “eye of the tiger”,during some really critic months. For those not familiar with the swedish language, the english translation of the title is “From the heart”; a title that refers to being true to your hoods, yourself...Continue