Karabo Mooki

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What are you up to right now?

– Currently I am a full time photographer working on different contracted jobs.I am working on my own personal works too for exhibitions abroad. Sky is the limit.


What kind of videos make you go wow?


– Video’s that intrigue me most would be those that capture my cultural understanding of the world. Through different subcultures and global expressions. Videos that capture the most influential subcultures in my life. From hip hop music and the movement, to video’s that touch the subject of photography and skateboarding. I grew up with these three things, they moulded me into who I want to be or how I perceive life. I love carefully constructed video’s that have great cinematographic approach. An approach to real life, everyday magic is what keeps me inspired.


What’s your signature steeze as a Video Curator?


– My signature approach, I try to root out the video’s that don’t necessarily surface amongst mainstream social media outlets. Whether its music related or art related. If its worth sharing then I’m willing to share that same inspiration worldwide.


Tell us about your experience at Stocktown?


– My experience with Stocktown has been awesome. Always positive vibes and great feedback, a great community of curators and the drive for searching for something even more fascinating than the last video post is always great. When I first got news that I had made it to the Stocktown Team I was working in a cafe and I bugged out, I was incredibly stoked when Teddy had reached out to me with this ecstatic news and I had a celebration in the back of the kitchen I worked at. Since then its been nothing but great vibes! I’ve never been a fan of social media, but Stocktown provides a platform for a variety of interesting people from different backgrounds to be able to share videos that inspire them and more often than not the content published is Top Shelf.

What are you doing when you’re not doing anything?  


–  I’m never not doing anything. Inspiration and creation never sleeps.



Rap Roots: From Block To Block

Music April 16 2013

  Artist Jay Shells offers a new twist on street art with a convergence of hip-hop quotes and live installation that places physical labels on the landmarks and intersections mentioned by some of New York City’s most iconic rappers. Jay Shells takes the utilitarian street sign, colors it red, covers it with rap lyrics and attaches it to existing signposts across the...Continue

Ride or Die: 12 O’Clock Boys

Trailer March 4 2013

  This is the coming of age of a young boy seeking love, comradery and brotherhood in a city known for its criminal activity. Pug, a thirteen year old boy living on a dangerous Westside block, has one desire – to be a member of the 12 O’Clock Boys, the notorious urban dirt-bike gang of Baltimore. Converging from all parts of the inner city, they invade the...Continue

More Than A Rabbit Hole

Trailer January 30 2013

  Los Angeles based photographer Tedshots (aka Teddy Saunders) directed and produced this amazing piece that recites Dr. Seuss’ final tale about his life’s ups and downs. This clip captures the magic of the infamous Burning Man festival where people head out into the desert to reconnect with a part of themselves and humanity that we are slowly losing on a day to...Continue

Define Your Records

Advertising January 24 2013

  A lovely short edit by Nike about finding greatness within ourselves, we hold the key to our own world records – we define our own greatness. Nike | Find Your Greatness   CD: Alberto Ponte CD: Ryan O’Rourke Copywriter: Brock Kirby Art Director: Sezay Altinok Art Director: Sara Phillips   Follow the movement on Facebook and find your greatness...Continue

Make It Count

Docs December 17 2012

  Three years ago, this documentary about how Element Skateboards became what it is today- never seems to fail me in times of lack of inspiration. A truly inspiring story of how one skateboarder’s dreams became his everything and an insight into the journey it took through the dark ages in a culture that had no hope, but rose through the ashes and made it happen....Continue

What The World Needs Now…

Music November 23 2012

  Big Brother is always watching- the craziness that unfolds in everyday life, documenting the smallest miracles from everyday individuals. This wonderful campaign brought to you by Coca-Cola, shows that there is some good in humanity as we know it.   “Camaritas” – Young & Rubicam Argentina – Coca-Cola Shot &  directed by: Maxi...Continue

The Originators

Docs November 22 2012

  Do you ever hear a song and wonder who it was on the violin, or where that sample originated from? This is the story of the people you always heard, but never heard of. The summer of 1973 rattled and gave birth to the hip hop culture, this is where it all originated from. The times changed and reinvented the art form, but through it all, the music survived! And the...Continue