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The eye sees beyond the flooded riverbank: Interviewing Agord Lean and 128klan

Music September 3 2013

It’s late in the evening, the sun has set and the day’s deeds and errands, faces and conversations evaporate from your mind. In a calm state you catch a distant tune that guides you towards continents of wilderness, golden deserts and to a sea of dreams. It is South African musician Agord Lean following you like a dedicated, humble companion. The self-released mixtape...Continue

Dutch Suburban Insanity

Music July 22 2013

Ever since I was living in Amsterdam as a student, I’ve been a fan of De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, whose band name might best translate as a sulky, sceptical and complaining voice muttering: ”Youth nowadays”. They released their first album in 2005, named Parels voor de Zwijnen (Pearls before swines) – and being as curious as I am, yet an old school girl at heart...Continue

Sounds of Movement – Electro Chaabi

Trailer June 28 2013

With its world premiere screening on the 11th June 2013 at the Ismailia Film Festival in Egypt, ‘Electro Chaabi’ directed by Hind Meddeb, documents the phenomena of auto tuned and 8bit North African pop-music with a revolutionary twist. When listening to the genre you may recognise how traditional Arabic instruments as mandole, tambourines and percussion form a...Continue

You Deserve a Mental Vacation

Music April 29 2013

  This 10-minute journey takes you to the beginning of the universe and back, the low budget visual is genuine proof that a tight set of visual characteristics works well –  if respected. Clips of planets, volcanic eruptions and mountains mix with footage from subways and road trips in a delimited colour setting – and simple juxtapositions generate...Continue