The world of Ninjaa

Music October 22 2012

  From ‘Camellia Capital of the World’ or more likely ‘City Of Trees’ comes the young Sacramento warrior and skilled emcee, at the art of stealth and assassination, whom literary chops up an ill flow over stealthy beats, I welcome you to the world of – Abstract Ninjaa. I first got introduced to Abstract Ninjaa when Sacramento’s own Chuuwee released the...Continue

Clear Soul Forces – Fun side of Hip-Hop

Music May 2 2012

Let’s head to the city known for emerging artists, Motown and timeless soul. I’d like to introduce you to four fellas currently innovating Detroit’s hip-hop scene with a bag of fresh air and who go by the name of Clear Soul Forces. Formed back in 09′ by the four members E-fav, L.A.Z, Noveliss and Ilajide who decided to record some sounds and kick it together in the...Continue

We don’t want no b!tch !

Music February 27 2012

When the L.A-based duo U-N-I split up as a band in 2011, the former member Y-O changed up and currently goes by his real name Yonas Michael. Last year, his first solo project ‘Lost In Hollywood’ dropped, which sounds a bit different from the previous stuff. The whole piece is an experimental project with a sound highly influenced by Jimi Hendrix. Personally, I...Continue

The Shape Of Today

Docs November 28 2011

Our vision in art & music- originally springs from influences, but lets’ go deeper than that. Who is in fact an influencer?  What makes an influencer? Influencer is a short-documentary made by R+l creative which goes deeper into the subject. It’s a really interesting, mind drifting and a well-made documentary shot in the streets of New York city, along with a...Continue

A Sound to LOVE

Music November 15 2011

Let me present Def Sound– an artist and a visionary from L.A, who’s words & flow play form a sound that you only can love. I first got introduced to this incredible artist last year as he joined the collective/brand ‘Pronounced Love‘ (based in California) a movement I also came to love over the years. Pronounced Love’s message is simply:...Continue