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In the Loop: 5 min with Liven

Art January 5 2014

Live poetry performer Aja Monet is next to Saul Williams perhaps the most important lyricist to introduce spoken word into neighbouring artistic contexts, without compromising the culture. Although residing in New York, a crucial portion of her creative platform is in Europe. Collaborating with Liven from Paris and Sleepin Giant from Amsterdam – we find ourselves in...Continue

Sticky Rebels

Art January 9 2012

The Austrian-Croatian designer collective Numen/For Use work in the erratic field between art, industrial design and scenography. Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic are industrial designers who create objects with no predefined function, which in a sense is the antidote of what ‘industrial design’ essentially is – the creation of functional objects. In...Continue


Shortfilms November 12 2011

In Stockholm he’s been a recognized profile as a member of the arts collectives Eros Video and NaxXxos. All of a sudden he was gone. He had moved out to NYC to pursue his passion for film. The grief which was first simmering in Stockholm, is now exchanged with excitement as we see the cherries of his labour. His works vary from music videos to documentary short films,...Continue

Say It Loud

Docs November 4 2011

The Black Power Mixtape is an award winning compilation feature documentary, displaying facets of the African-American community during those critical years 1967-1975. One of the main goals of the Civil Rights Movement was to end disfranchisement of African-Americans. TBPM manifests the people, the society and the style that fueled that change. A motion picture told with rare...Continue

Funky Mozart

Docs October 3 2011

If you enjoyed the Gasface series “New York Minute” there is a new documentary that just dropped today made by the same French director duo – “Pretty As I Wanna Be”. This project is a tribute to Bernard “Pretty” Purdie who started off in Maryland hitting cans with sticks and ended up in New York as the world’s most recorded...Continue

D-Nice Presents

Docs August 28 2011

D-Nice (Derrick Jones) personifies a modern day Renaissance man -pursuing every new artistic tool with great skill. He started off as a hip hop DJ in the mid 80’s with Boogie Down Productions, replacing Scott La Rock after his tragic death 1987 (who was the one to first discover him). Derrick eventually stretched his ambitions  including rapping, beatboxing and...Continue

The Air Force 1 Saga

Docs August 14 2011

The Air Force 1 is the most popular sneaker ever made. Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so. How many shoe models can you name that have their own 1 hour long documentary? Yeah, thought so. Last summer Thibaut de Longeville directed a movie to tell the story of the sneakers known as “Uptowns“- narrated by KRS-One. This particular model was introduced by Nike...Continue