How to Celebrate Multiculturalism: This is Alby ft. Urban Voices Festival

Music August 14 2015

Botkyrka, a municipality in suburban Stockholm that embraces multiculturalism, is hosting a festival to raise awareness for those who live in places that do not have freedom of expression. The festival This is Alby ft. Urban Voices will take place in Alby, Botkyrka, Sweden, on 22nd August 2015. By inviting artists that have fought for people’s freedom of speech and...Continue

Maii and Zeid: Underground expressions of Alexandria

Music January 4 2015

Maii Waleed from Alexandria, Egypt  has paired with Lebanese indie musician Zeid Hamdan – the duo released the album Moga in 2013 (produced by Zeid). Maii’s music is a curious concoction of emotional lyrics sung in Arabic, and carefully yet playfully chosen melodies, rhythms, and pauses. The musical match between Maii and Zeid on Moga appear seamless. Zeid’s...Continue

Autumn blues remedy Yasmine Hamdan

Music August 25 2014

Late summer days are tricky days. You’ve either started working or studying, and you’ve got back into your usual routine. Or maybe you’re, like me, waiting for it all to start. There are remedies for this restlessness; one of them is to gather information and really get “into the zone” about someone or something. Let me introduce a worthy topic of obsession, namely...Continue

Will you raise your voice on May 25th?

Event May 20 2014

People’s movement across borders and seas have resulted in great transnational networks. The communication possibilities are almost limitless and the power of technology and social media combined enables this. Globalization is indeed a “thing” today, although it is a process that has been going on for a very long time.  Globalization is the result of people’s...Continue