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– We’re ALWAYS doing something! Even when we’re asleep we dream about our next moves.

CFYE is an online magazine aimed at exploring the thoughts and works of those who are most passionate about their craft. Through our articles we want to introduce you to the people and stories that inspire us so much!

What are you up to right now?

You mean right now? Drinking a vile tasting proteine shake and chatting with friend and artist George Raggett on how to make CFYE into a world dominating platform. 

What kind of videos make you go wow?

In the end it’s the video’s that show someone who is absolutely in love / obsessed with what he/she does. I think the ‘made by hand’ series ( is a great example of this. The dedication and love that some people put into their art/craft is everything I wish I had.

What’s your signature steeze as a Video Curator?

I think we’re always searching for that extra bit of crazy. That bit that makes a video stand-out and make you question if you’re dedicated enough to your own craft. They need to be a good, positive push in the back.

Tell us about your experience at Stocktown?

 Stocktown is awesome, It’s filled with these video’s I mentioned in the questions before. It’s one huge stream of inspiration.

What are you doing when you’re not doing anything?

We’re ALWAYS doing something! Even when we’re asleep we dream about our next moves :).


CFYE is an Amsterdam-based online magazine, founded in 2008 by Kaymir Stark & Arden de Raaij. CFYE (‘Crack for your eyes’) explores and showcases the works and thoughts of creative people. For more inspiring and colorful takes on street culture go to

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8 years of Haas & Hahn

Art October 14 2013

What better way to celebrate eight years of artistic duo Haas & Hahn than with this cool video narrated by none other than Rich Medina. And at what better time than now, while they’re busy realizing one of their ultimate dreams – painting an entire favela in Rio de Janeiro. Those who think that painting an entire favela is an over ambitious plan, probably need...Continue

Narcelio Grud – Paraphernalia

Art March 11 2013

Brazilian graffiti artist Narcelio Grud is not only incredibly skilled with a spraycan, he’s also incredibly inventive! His work has been featured on Stocktown before but he hasn’t been sitting still since. In ‘Paraphernalia‘ Narcelio uses the principle of a compass applied to a spraycan to create a beautiful, technique driven end-result. For more...Continue