Anders Carlsson

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1.  What are you up to right now? 

If I was cooler I’d say hustlin’, but I’m not so here’s a proper answer.

I’m editing my podcast about bad swedish movies and trying my best to find cool stuff I want to write about on Stocktown. When I’m not doing that I’m curating my nerd and play games for the internet.

2.  What kind of videos make you go wow?


Cityscapes, remixed videos. There’s nothing Ifind cooler that creators that take something old and twist it into something new. Very inspiring stuff.

3.  What’s your signature steeze as a Video Curator?


Dude, I can nerd out about pretty muchanything, but give me a new media art project and I can write forever about it.


4.  Tell us about your experience at Stocktown? 

This thing I love the most about Stocktown is that the wide range of global culture and curators cover so much stuff I’d never find on my own. I guess in a way it makes the world a larger more wonderful place once you realise that regardless of where you are and what you do there’s always art and music. And that is pretty wonderful.

5.  What are you doing when you’re not doing anything?


Watching clips on youtube/vimeo or trash-tv from the UK. I have very refined taste when it comes to my downtime. I am also horrible at being bored,so doing nothing is seldom an option.



A symphony of non-destruction

Art November 9 2012

  Pedro Reyes has a thing for guns. As in – he doesn’t like them. So, when the Mexican government asked him if he wanted to do ‘something with 6700 destroyed weapons’ he said yes, but there is a backstory to this. In 2008 Reyes launched an art and community project called Palas por Pistolas. It started out as a voluntary collective campaign for weapons,...Continue

The sound of everyday things

Music October 16 2012

  I’m a sucker for anything that transforms one type of media into another- be it something simple or common, like for instance, transforming a book into a movie, or something even more advanced like Dennis P Paul‘s ”An instrument from the sonification of everyday things.” On the surface it’s a simple idea – build a contraption which can hold...Continue

Harnessing the fantastical excess of the 80’s

Music July 13 2012

  A week or so ago, I discovered Starcadian and the music video for his track ‘HE^RT’. It’s a simple story of a pilot flying through space in his tiny ship and it’s amazing, both visually and nostalgically. It’s got a very heavy 80’s / VHS aesthetic to it. The storyline is simple and it’s all very serene and peaceful, while at the same time chock-full of...Continue

Walk like an ex-MMA fighter

Music June 6 2012

  World Order is the creation of former MMA fighter Genki Sudo. As a fighter he was known for his flashy and often elaborate entrances, which seems to be the one thing he’s kept from his fighting days and brought with him into this new project. Genki Sudo WORLD ORDER in New York (2010) World Order is a music/dance project, the ‘/’ in this case- being an...Continue

Dizzying visions

Shortfilms May 4 2012

Callum Cooper is, according to his website, an artist and filmmaker based in London/Melbourne. His video work plays with the camera as a tool and with the perspective of the film. Full Circle, the one posted above, is a pretty simple idea, but it’s still a dizzying experience watching people jump rope all over the world. Full Circle, and the films shown below...Continue

The speedy way to read Hemingway

Animation April 10 2012

You should respect the classics for what they are, and I reckon you should give an equal amount of attention to those that can reinvigorate the same. This is what Marcel Schindler’s stop motion film “The Old Man and the Sea” does to the novel by Hemingway, same title. Marcel’s version clocks in at four minutes and tells the story of an old fisherman who sails...Continue

Exposing the hidden

Technology February 8 2012

Humans are all in all pretty awesome creatures. We’re pretty smart and we seem to have reached a point where we’ve built things we simply cannot use our ordinary sense to detect, so instead we’ve built devices to detect other devices for us, making them visible to us. Wi-Fi is just one example of a massive network, which we through our smart phones and laptops use all...Continue