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Shortfilms May 6 2013

  “Cool Unicorn Bruv” // Short film by Ninian Doff Transactions of pretty much anything under the sun are everyday street occurrences, from the legal to the barely legal – but check out the somewhat ingenious plot of this short film and tell me this is not crazy! It sure made me chuckle, seeing how writer and director Ninian Doff envisions a trio...Continue

Street Smart and NUG

Art August 22 2012

  Swedish street-artist NUG – behind this crazy video for Fame festival – is ALSO featured in the wild and exuberant exhibition “Street Smart”at Kulturhuset in Stockholm this summer spilling into fall. A cluster of both Swedish and international street artists have gathered to show their signature pieces – from the modest beginnings to fresher, more current...Continue

Banksy X 3

Art May 7 2012

Banksy is beyond well-known, even outside street art circles – and has been so for ages now. In other words: a post on the urban crusader is long overdue. Here’s a little somethin’ on the elusive and hooded street artist from Bristol, whose voice we only hear morphed, starting with a pretty recent tribute collage from 2011 by Trog Records featuring his work as it is...Continue

Robotic: art on the streets

Art March 29 2012

These nine and some minutes are not about the production, that is the way this short film was shot or which tunes were laid over it – no, it’s about the ten Zimbabwean protagonists Prince Mutsiwa, the brothers Lawson and Lennon Matthew, Yamikami Chiodzera, Denford Kondiwani, David Banda, Twanda Lungu, Farai Kanyemba, Peter Mutsiwa and Lloyd W Gona – young guys trying to...Continue


Docs February 6 2012

Authentic uncut raw footage – Dig deep into the unseen scene – or “unscene” as film-maker, painter, writer Pierre Bennu so drolly juxtaposes it – from the 90’s showcasing what went down in the NY underground as the decade tried to find its wide range of identities. Not only nostalgic for those who can say “I was there” and see the “home-movie” as displaying...Continue

JR: Everyday Heroes

Art January 18 2012

Stocktown is all about harnessing the tremendous positive urban vibe out there, and those familiar with TED: Ideas worth spreading know that those folks too have an eye for spotting social entrepreneurship. Globetrotter par excellence and street artist JR, anonymous yet with a French-connection, was awarded the TED Prize 2011, chiefly for his immensely well-received series...Continue


Art December 23 2011

First and foremost aesthetically pleasing, followed by furiously fast, this video-creation will not let you take a hiatus for one second, and why should it? No fuzz about the title either: Head On, by up and coming animator Lior Ben Horin, is a train-wreck in the best sense of the word just waiting to happen. A sharp and linear locomotive motion through an animated landscape...Continue