PICKS FROM Argentina


Smile Like You Mean it, Beauty Queen

Docs October 15 2015

A head of an average 11-year-old weighs approximately 3.5 kg, a crown 4 kg – add to that the tedious talks about beautifying processes and chemicals that could make one’s scalp almost fall off – and you’re bound to frighten an 11-year-old girl for life. Must beauty be so scary, demanding and merciless? I’ve seen ‘La Reina‘ (The Queen), a...Continue

All that Jaz: The Mural-ist Master

Art July 29 2013

Last summer Complex Magazine named Jaz (aka Franco Fasoli) – one of South America’s leading street artists – one of the ‘50 Greatest Street Artists Right Now’. Jaz is currently in Vienna promoting his work and recently painted this mural and produced a time-lapse video of him hard at work. Jaz’s beautiful Nacho Libre-esque art is now featured in the...Continue

What The World Needs Now…

Music November 23 2012

  Big Brother is always watching- the craziness that unfolds in everyday life, documenting the smallest miracles from everyday individuals. This wonderful campaign brought to you by Coca-Cola, shows that there is some good in humanity as we know it.   “Camaritas” – Young & Rubicam Argentina – Coca-Cola Shot &  directed by: Maxi...Continue


Art May 14 2012

  Argentinian street artist Jaz aka Franco Fasoli, visits Mexico City (Dec, 2011) to take part in the Mamutt Arte project, a cultural promotion, focused on urban art –aimed to showcase the artist as he paints 4 murals in various spots, decorating the city with visual stories. Watch this video portraying the artist, as he shares his vision and insight on the...Continue